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Fuzzy H.
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United States
Commissions: OPEN
Art Trades: OPEN (Negotiable)
Requests: Depends on what you want
I will draw pretty much anything so long as it isn't human or human-like. Ask me if you would like anything done! I love designing and sketching my 'kin, including my fiancee's!

Novels in Progress-

Trinity-(A re-write of a 7 year project that got destroyed)
World We Don't Know (WIP Title) - Partnered with :iconlaceraveiss:
Farewell Feline-(WIP Title)


You Are Beautiful by Fuzzyfire17
You Are Beautiful
This is a message for a specific someone who is going through an incredibly dark time. 

Just as Zha is looking at these two souls, he even knows that these souls and energy are beautiful. They are two individuals who may make the biggest difference in the world. However, they are just two individuals. What if it was one? What's so special about that? 

That's the thing. One individual can change hundreds to thousands to millions of lives in just one lifetime. She can spread love by simply using her voice. Her uniqueness in personality and individuality is what spreads and harnesses every soul she comes in contact with, having everyone smile around her. Her open mindedness brings hope that not every human being is evil. That everyone is special in their own way, even if it is not directed towards herself. 

No matter what has happened to her in the past, she has used it to protect herself in the future, giving many souls who deserve it, respect, care, love, and happiness. 

Though you may not know why this is happening to you now, I know, for a fact, that it will be okay in the end. Why? It has always worked out that way. We, as a family, live by that, and we have no reason to stop now. 

Just remember how unique you really are. Just because those very close to you are the only ones that have told you that, that does not mean there will not be someone else in the future who will not think the same way. Remember that I love you with all of my heart and no matter what it takes, I will always be there for you so long as you want and need it. You are not just another soul in this world, you are special and unique. 
Also remember,

You are beautiful
Wolpertinger Commission by Fuzzyfire17
Wolpertinger Commission
First time drawing a Wolpertinger and I will admit, this was incredibly fun!! :D I hope he fits the criteria you wanted, Tengu!

Commission completed for Tengu from Flight Rising! <3 Thank you for commissioning me!
Unknown Neon-Commission for Katagion by Fuzzyfire17
Unknown Neon-Commission for Katagion
My first commission in regards to my Neon species! I had SO MUCH FUN drawing this guy and I hope you like him too :iconkatagion:!!

Here is the lore that Katagion came up with for him!
"This may or may not follow the lore, but this Neon was sealed deep in a crevasse of the pacific ocean. Closed off and kept their until rocks gave way and the crevasse filled it's emptiness. The Neon was then released back into the world, rusted and worn out but came to have old and effective powers that could be used for good and evil purposes."

Regardless if it follows my own lore, this Neon belongs solely to myself and Katagion. Others are more than welcome to use this for a base and inspiration! Though I would greatly appreciate it if no one took this piece and tried to sell it claiming it as their own. That is strictly common courtesy, but it is also against dA rules and regulations. Please be careful with what you do. :) 

Commission completed for Katagion!! Thank you for commissioning my Neons and always supporting my ideas! <3

Wanna read up on the Neon lore? Head here :D :A New Species-Neons
Zha Full Body Lineart by Fuzzyfire17
Zha Full Body Lineart
Alrighty! My biggest project I have ever done! On a 5500x5500 pixel canvas, I sketched :iconlaceraveiss: Zha! He took me over 4-5 night to draw and an easy 10+ hours went into this piece and details! 

I will admit, even though he took so long, I have never had so much fun to draw anything before! Heck, I probably put more hours into Zha than I did with all of my current Neons combined. 

Commission completed!! It is an honor as always to draw for you! <3
Commission-Draven by Fuzzyfire17
A livestreamed line art done for :iconTuggerKat: on Flight Rising!
This is Draven!
As spoken by Bee herself, "He is a mixture of a dragon and a wolf! For a little bit of background, he is a new species in the fantasy era. His breed is used for riding and battle beasts. They are rode mainly by elves because they are very slender and smaller in size and because they can fly they can be fragile and a lot of weight will make them immobile. If they are grounded they are pretty much dead in battle. Hence, why elves are some of the only species who can ride them, and smaller humans of course.

Draven belongs to an Elf named Levill, who is a very small elf who begs to be able to prove himself to his brothers and sisters. Most of the time when an elf becomes of age they get a new Wolgeit as a coming of age present. Levill found Draven, who is an older Wolgeit! They bonded over time and they have a bond that is stronger than blood."

Thank you for commissioning me and I hope to see you again! ^^

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Custom Neon Design Commissions
First Neon-Krieg by Fuzzyfire17
Fourth Neon-Verrirt by Fuzzyfire17
Second Neon-Jager by Fuzzyfire17
Third Neon-Zerstorung by Fuzzyfire17
Fifth Neon-Montuer by Fuzzyfire17
Unknown Neon-Commission for Katagion by Fuzzyfire17
Now you can create your own custom Neon with your own design or with your own Original Character! 

All designs are full body!

Price can range from $1-$10 depending on complexity and detail! Most commissions would range closest to $3-$5!
+$1 for wings!

Don't know if it will turn out like you had hoped? Ask me about livestreaming your piece!

I am willing to work with anything! ^^

I am not accepting points!


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Thank you, dear! Wait till you see my new one when it's finished! It'll be more up-to-date with my current special critter!
SaoirseRanekaera Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

And if either you or your fiance ever wanna commission me again, I'm running specials out of my journal!
Fuzzyfire17 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Student General Artist
Awesome! We will keep that in mind!
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